Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge

Smith Haughey was founded in Grand Rapids in 1941. In 1981, the firm moved from the McKay Tower to its most previous location – the Calder Plaza Building. At the time of their last move, the firm had 20 attorneys on its roster. In the last 30 years, the office has significantly increased personnel to include over 50 attorneys, as well as a significant number of professional staff. Smith Haughey now has a total of over 60 attorneys located in offices across Michigan.

Smith Haughey’s final decision to move to the Flat Iron Building was largely based on the unique opportunity provided by the real estate market whereby it could occupy a visible, historic building that would be strongly associated with the firm, while also realizing economic benefits.

The office made the move in November on 2011 into the city’s Flat Iron Building (a smaller version of its New York City namesake, but with a similar triangular shape and prominent corner location) on Monroe Center, in the center of downtown.

Committed to Downtown Grand Rapids
Smith Haughey was and continues to be pleased to make a strong commitment to downtown Grand Rapids, historic preservation and sustainability, while reducing expenses at the same time. The office build-out combined contemporary, modern design, furnishings and lighting, with the exposed brick and timbers of the old building. The resulting loft-style work space is a major change from the more conventional office space the firm occupies currently in Grand Rapids.

The Evolution of the Practice of Law
A great deal has changed in the 30 years the firm has occupied its space at Calder Plaza. Technology has transformed law practice and reduced the need for office space. The firm has fewer support staff relative to the number of attorneys. Library books and paper files have been replaced with electronic equivalents to a great degree. A generational and legal industry cultural shift towards uniform attorney office sizes and hoteling for part-time and visiting attorneys have further reduced space requirements.

Quick Facts
–        Four offices: Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Holland and Muskegon
–        60+ attorneys: 5 – Ann Arbor, 40+ – Grand Rapids, 4 – Holland, 5 – Muskegon
–        Founded in 1941 in Grand Rapids; 2011 is the firm’s 70th anniversary
–        The Smith Haughey Flat Iron Building office space is approximately 26,600 square feet
–        In 2011, the firm was named an “Economic Bright Spot” by Corp! Magazine