Attorney Melissa Whitman Named Boss of the Year

Traverse City, Mich., – Melissa E. Whitman, a shareholder with the firm Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge, was named “Boss of the Year” at the Grand Traverse Area Legal Professionals Annual Bosses Night and Recognition Banquet.

Melissa is an experienced litigation attorney in Traverse City, who practices in the areas of personal injury, plantiffs’ contingency cases, and domestic relations. Melissa serves as a devoted advocate for her clients in matter involving work related accidents, injuries to the head and spine, transportation accidents, and product liability. She continues to help families, children, and individuals through her domestic relations practice.

GR Office Gets a New Home – Nov. 21

On November 21, 2011, Smith Haughey will open its doors at 100 Monroe Center NW, otherwise known as the Flat Iron Building, in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. The Flat Iron Building is a nationally registered historic landmark building that was built around 1860. It is the second oldest building in Grand Rapids. Smith Haughey will occupy a main floor lobby with client entrances on Monroe Center and Ottawa Ave., as well as all of the top three floors and a roof top deck.

The office build-out and renovation combines contemporary, modern design, furnishings and lighting, with the exposed brick and timbers of the old building. The resulting loft-style workspace will be a major change from the more conventional office space the firm occupied for 30 years at the Calder Plaza Building.

In addition to LEED certification (the firm is seeking Silver or Gold status), Locus Development, Design+ Architects and Wolverine Construction, the firm’s partners on the project, remained sensitive to historic preservation requirements. Even in Grand Rapids with its many LEED buildings, the combination of a new, efficient, environmentally sensitive build out in a very old, historic building is unusual. Overall, the new location has allowed the firm to reduce its environmental footprint, streamline processes, and improve flexibility and accessibility; all of which furthers its commitment to deliver exceptional efficiency to its clients.